Preventing Scrap Metal Theft

Posted on: 8 October 2015

Each year, scrap metal theft costs businesses approximately one billion dollars in lost revenue and repair costs. Thieves will steal anything they can easily sell, including copper wire, catalytic converters, and even stop signs. If your business has been the victim of scrap metal theft, you can take steps to reduce or eliminate the problem. 

Lock It Up

As inconvenient as it may be, you need to lock up all metal items that can be sold for scrap. Keeping your fences in good condition and replacing worn locks does not eliminate the problem but does make scrap metal theft more difficult. Thieves will always go for the easier mark, so tighten up your security and move the bad guys on down the road.

Security Cameras

An outdoor security camera is an excellent investment for any business, but if you have to store valuable items outside, such a camera is a necessity. Also, be sure to post signs indicating that a security camera is operating. Your goal is to discourage the theft rather than catch the thieves. 

Join Forces

One way to fight the increase of metal theft is to report it via the website. This site allows business owners and law enforcement personnel to notify others of specific stolen items. This process alerts members within 100 miles about the stolen goods so they can be watching for the missing items. 

Identification Marks

Experts suggest that you mark your metal items by either etching identifying numbers on them or tagging them in some other way. You should also post a sign that notifies thieves of the tagging so they know that stealing from you will be a high-risk endeavor. Although many thieves will take their stolen goods out of town to sell, alerting local scrap metal dealers to your tagging system can be helpful in catching some of the "lazier" criminals. Make your mark big, hard to alter, and easily recognizable. You may scare off a number of less-motivated thieves. 

If you also sell your own scrap metal, consider having your items picked up regularly by a local recycler. The fewer items you have sitting around, the better. A regular pickup means you will earn money for your scrap items while deterring those people out for a fast, illegal buck. Scrap metal is a popular target because it is so easy to steal. If you take a few precautions at your business, you can discourage many potential thieves and save yourself time and money.

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