Things To Know About A Pneumatic Tube System For A Medical Clinic

Posted on: 21 March 2016

Have you decided to get your own medical clinic constructed? If you want to make it easier for the staff at the clinic to be more productive, you might want to consider getting a pneumatic tube system installed. In this article, learn what you should know about pneumatic tube systems so you can decide if getting one installed in your medical clinic will be worth the investment.

What is a Pneumatic Tube System?

A pneumatic tube system is constructed a lot like a plumbing system, only it consists of a lot of tubes rather than pipes. A pneumatic tubing system can route various types of objects throughout a building just as a plumbing system does with water. Basically, cylindrical containers are able to transport objects through the tube system with the help of compressed air. The tube system can be programmed to change the route of the cylindrical tubes whenever you desire.

What Kind of Items Can Be Placed Inside of a Cylindrical Tube?

Medical records are one of the things that can be placed inside cylindrical tubes to help a medical staff be more productive. For instance, rather than walking to the area of the clinic where patient's records are stored, a staff member can call for the records to be sent through the pneumatic tube system. Another thing that can be placed inside of a cylindrical tube is medication for any shots that will be administered at your clinic. A few of the other things that you might want to use a pneumatic tube system for include

  • X-ray films
  • Blood samples
  • Medical supplies

Does a Pneumatic Tube System Benefit the Patients at a Medical Clinic?

The patients getting treated at your medical clinic will benefit from a pneumatic tube system just like the staff. The main benefit that patients will experience is having to spend less time during their appointments. When your staff is able to get medication, supplies and documents via a cylindrical tube, they can spend most of their time focusing on patents instead of having to leave the room. As a result, patients will be able to get in and out of the clinic faster than usual, which also results in more patients being able to get treated each day.  Get in touch with a dealer like TH Hammerl Inc. that can install a pneumatic tube system in your medical clinic as soon as it is constructed.