Building A New Commercial Property? What Efficient Items You Need To Have

Posted on: 19 May 2016

Are you building a new commercial property and you aren't sure what energy efficient or ecological features to include? There are a lot of different options, and efficient options are worth the investment if you have to pay more money than you would by using other traditional options in the building. Here are a few different things you want to consider when picking out materials and options for your new commercial property.  

Cool Roofing

Look into cool roofing options, like metal, slate, concrete tiles and more. These materials keep the building cool by keeping out the warm UV rays that hit the rooftop each day, to help lower the costs of cooling your building. These materials are high quality, and they lower greenhouse gas emissions, and provide a variety of other benefits as well. Get costs for different options to see which is the most affordable for your business, and to see which option will be the most efficient.

Solar Powered Electrical Options

Talk with an electrical construction professional and have them design all the electrical wiring and outlets throughout the building, so you can use solar powered energy as much as possible. This is going to reduce energy consumption to lower costs, help the environment, and it allows you to have energy even when the power is out. The professionals will let you know where you need panels and units around the building.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Look into using a geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling the building, instead of a central air or even a furnace. The climate where you live will have a huge impact on if you can solely heat and cool the building with the pump alone, but the pump is more efficient than traditional HVAC appliances. The pump uses the heat from the ground to bring heat into your commercial building and pulls heat and moisture out to keep temperatures low during the summer.

Adding these different things to your commercial property isn't just going to help you keep the costs for running appliances and using energy low, but it's also going to improve the value of your commercial property. You are choosing materials that makes running the business more profitable, and that are going to save you substantially over time. Talk with the different contractors about tax credits from the state and federal governments when you choose to use these energy efficient options.