3 Reasons To Use Aluminum For Your Fabrication Projects

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Partnering with a fabrication company can be the easiest way to access the products your company needs. Selecting the right material for your metal fabrication is an essential part of any successful product design. Making the choice to invest in aluminum for your next fabrication project could be beneficial.

Here are three reasons why you should consider aluminum for your metal fabrication needs in the future.

1. Aluminum is affordable.

Staying competitive in today's market can be challenging, and finding ways to reduce production costs can be a simple way to make your company more profitable. When selecting materials for your metal fabrication project, it's important to recognize that aluminum is an affordable option that can help you maintain quality without cutting costs.

The affordability of aluminum can be attributed to its recyclability. Experts estimate that 65% of the nation's aluminum is recycled, giving you access to affordable metal for your next fabrication project.

2. Aluminum is versatile.

Having the ability to invest in a single metal product that can meet all your fabrication needs can be beneficial when it comes to saving money. The versatility of aluminum lends itself to the acceptance of a wide variety of finishes.

Whether you rely on anodized colors to tint metal components during fabrication, or you want to protect your fabricated parts from corrosion with a chromate finish, you will be able to use aluminum to get the job done. This versatility allows you to purchase your metal in bulk, enjoying a pricing discount and eliminating the time it takes to source metal materials for your fabrication projects.

3. Aluminum is lightweight.

Shipping and handling charges can become costly, so finding ways to reduce the total weight of your fabricated projects can be beneficial. Aluminum is a lightweight material that will allow you to transport your fabricated projects for a fraction of the cost when compared to steel.

Steel is about 2.5 times more dense than aluminum, making it a bulky and expensive metal to ship. Making the switch to aluminum will help you reduce your overhead expenses by reducing shipping and handling charges in the future.

Finding ways to improve your fabrication projects can be beneficial. Making the switch to aluminum components can help your company access an affordable fabrication material that offers versatility and cheaper shipping than fabricated projects made from steel. Take advantage of these benefits to help your company get more from its fabricated projects in the future.

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