Shake, Rattle And Roll: The Benefits Of Using Vibratory Plow Blades

Posted on: 23 September 2016

Modern plows, overall, accomplish far more than the horseless plows and plows pulled by oxen from one hundred-plus years ago. Better still are the modern vibratory plows. Here are some of the benefits of these shaking, rattling and rolling plows.

Tough Earth Made Smooth and Soft

The focus of any plow is to break up the earth and ready it for planting. However, vibratory plow blades do more than break up clumps of dirt. They use vibrations to pulverize some of the toughest chunks of dirt that your plow would ever encounter. It makes the soil soft and smooth, almost the consistency of talcum powder in some areas of the country, and the consistency of sticky wet sand grains in other areas. Still, the ground becomes a lot softer than it would have with most other plows.

Rocks Rattle and Roll Away

Do you hate the annual rock picking days in your field? Most farmers do. It takes away valuable time from plowing and getting the fields ready. Vibratory plows actually cause the rocks to surface, shake the dirt loose, and then help roll the rocks out of the way of the planting furrows so that the seeds make a clean drop into the ground. You can hear the vibratory plow blades hard at work when the rocks surface and bang against the blades before being rolled and spewed out of the way of the blades. Make sure you and your farmhands stand clear when you fire up this kind of plow in the spring, or you might have a Goliath-sort of moment with a flying rock!

Heavy Clay Soil Has Not Got a Chance

If you live in the Midwest where the glaciers of eons ago moved down and carved away most of the rich soil, leaving thick, red clay earth behind, then you may have some concerns about how the vibratory plows will work. There is actually nothing to fear here. Although the blades operate on vibration to break up hard soil and push rocks around, the blades are still sharp enough and fine enough to grind that red clay earth of yours into bits. If you are still concerned, you can buy vibratory rotary blades that operate like a dirt auger, grinding as much as the blades cut, till and shake. Then the red earth is broken up enough to accept a fertilizer and black topsoil to make it more suitable for planting.

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