Improvements to Reduce Wear of Commercial Rooftops and Mechanical Systems

Posted on: 16 January 2017

The roof of your business is the most vulnerable part of the building. This is for several reasons; the roof is where maintenance gets done, where mechanical systems are installed, and where you can get a leak. To protect your business, improvements like screens, paths to equipment, and drainage covers will ensure you have fewer repair costs. Here are some of the best improvements to reduce wear of the systems on the roof of your business.

1. Equipment Screens That Protect Mechanical Screens from Damage

There is a lot of equipment that is installed on the roof of your business. Air conditioning, heating, filtration, and plumbing installations will have components on the roof. To protect this equipment, screens can be installed that will keep the equipment out of the weather and safe from wear. Not only will the equipment screens help protect equipment with components for things like air conditioning, but screens will also help to reduce energy loss and make these systems more efficient.

2. Building Maintenance Paths to Keep Workers Off Roofing

Wear of the roofing of your business is another concern when it comes to the roof. This is an area of the building that gets a lot of foot traffic due to common maintenance tasks. To make sure the roof does not get any extra wear, have foot paths installed. These paths should go to areas that need the most maintenance, such as air-conditioning units. In addition, the paths can also be built with storage areas to give you more storage for things like maintenance equipment on the roof.

3. Improvements to Watershed and Drainage with Drainage Grates 

Drainage of the roof is also important, and standing water will quickly lead to leaks and costly damage to your business. First, make sure that your roof has good watershed. If there are areas that cause problems with puddling, they can be built up with foam to allow water to drain away. Drainage pipes should also be protected with the proper grates to keep debris out of the roof-drainage system. Occasionally, get on the roof and check grates to ensure that they are not stopped up with debris on the roof.

These are some of the improvements that can be done to reduce wear of equipment and materials on the roof of your business. If you want to protect your business, contact an equipment-screen installation service such as Pacific Sheet Metal to protect the mechanical systems located on the roof.