How To Stop A Concrete Slab Under Your Shed From Sinking

Posted on: 20 January 2017

If you have noticed that your shed has started to lean, there is a good chance that the concrete slab under it is not level. If the slab starts to sink on one side, it can cause your shed to lean. Use the guide below to learn how to stop the concrete slab from sinking and return it to its right position so that your shed will no longer lean.

Hire Professional Concrete Contractors

The first thing you need to do is you need to hire concrete contractors to come and look at the slab. They will need to determine how much it has sunk and if they can use slab jacking to jack it back up to the right height. Slab jacking is a process that concrete contractors use to fill the space under the slab with a grout mixture that causes it to lift on the side that is sinking. The process does not take a long time to do, but it does take specific tools and expertise.

Remove Everything from the Shed

Before the contractors can do their job, you must remove everything from the shed. They need the weight to be as evenly distributed as it can possibly be and having everything out of the shed ensures that they are only dealing with the weight of the shed and the concrete slab.

Holes Will Need to Be Drilled

The contractors will then determine where the sinking is taking place and drill holes through the slab down to the ground with a specialized jackhammer. The holes need to be placed in specific locations to ensure that the grout mixture can evenly be distributed where it needs to be distributed.

Even the Concrete Slab with the Grout Mixture

Once the holes are drilled, the contractors will use bendable hoses and a portable pump to push the grout mixture into the holes and under the slab. Within a short period of time, the slab will start to rise on the side where the grout mixture is being applied. They will make sure that the slab is perfectly level before stopping.

Once the slab is even, they will use concrete to fill all of the holes that they created. No one will even be able to tell that the slab had to be jacked when everything is said and done. Your shed will be even and will stay that way after the slab jacking is complete.