Keys To Fabricating A Steel Railing System

Posted on: 22 March 2021

Steel is a great material for railing systems because of its durability and the support it can provide, whether it's railings for decks or stairs. If you're fabricating steel to make said systems, these tips can help you find a lot of success.

Carefully Find the Right Steel

You may be set on steel for this railing system, but there are actually a lot of steel options. There might be a particular variety that would be best for this specific purpose, and that's the steel option you want to try finding in your search.

Maybe stainless steel is a viable option because of its unique aesthetics. Or maybe you want a couple of different properties. In this case, steel mixed with different alloys may be the right materials for getting a railing system that holds up to the applications you have in mind.

Find a Supplier That Offers Cutting Services

If you want to make steel railing fabrication a lot easier to manage, then look for steel suppliers that offer their own cutting services. Then that's just one less major step you have to perform when putting together a custom railing system for a particular structure.

The only thing you'll need to do prior to the supplier cutting your steel materials is figuring out sizing details for every major section. This may take some time, but it's key that you do this so that steel is cut to the appropriate length each time.

Utilize Butt Welds

Welding is an integral aspect of putting together a custom steel railing system. Butt welding in particular is what you'll need to do to secure pieces of steel together. Even if you don't have a lot of experience with butt welding, don't worry. It's one of the simplest welding techniques.

You'll just need to make sure steel sections are lined up properly before welding. You'll also need to find the right welding device to carry out butt welds successfully. Once you get these things done, you can start welding sections together and ensure the railing system is able to hold up for a long time.

Railing systems can be found around a lot of structures, with stairs and patios being some of the more common. If you have plans of fabricating said structure made out of steel and want to see great results, find out what steel materials are required and put together plans for working with them. For more information about steel fabrication, reach out to a local service provider.