Improvements to Reduce Wear of Commercial Rooftops and Mechanical Systems

Posted on: 16 January 2017

The roof of your business is the most vulnerable part of the building. This is for several reasons; the roof is where maintenance gets done, where mechanical systems are installed, and where you can get a leak. To protect your business, improvements like screens, paths to equipment, and drainage covers will ensure you have fewer repair costs. Here are some of the best improvements to reduce wear of the systems on the roof of your business.
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Make Sure You Recycle These Remodeling Materials

Posted on: 12 January 2017

If you are working on renovations of your home, you are going to end up with quite a bit of materials leftover. This might include old windows, flooring tiles, or drywall. Some materials should just be thrown in your rented dumpster, while others can actually be recycled. It is good to know which, because you can also request a rented dumpster for recyclable materials. Flooring Tiles One of the main areas of your home that could give you recyclable materials is your flooring.
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Shake, Rattle And Roll: The Benefits Of Using Vibratory Plow Blades

Posted on: 23 September 2016

Modern plows, overall, accomplish far more than the horseless plows and plows pulled by oxen from one hundred-plus years ago. Better still are the modern vibratory plows. Here are some of the benefits of these shaking, rattling and rolling plows. Tough Earth Made Smooth and Soft The focus of any plow is to break up the earth and ready it for planting. However, vibratory plow blades do more than break up clumps of dirt.
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Preparing Expandable, Custom Data Center Storage

Posted on: 19 September 2016

The standard device rack for network and data center devices isn't as standard as it used to be. The standard itself hasn't changed much and still holds a wealth of devices from established tech hardware companies, but more devices are bucking trends and delivering their own designs. If you or your building client needs a data center or tech hub for industrial or manufacturing purposes, make sure to consider these design tips to make the most of limited space, even if some things don't fit together easily.
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